I can help you find your purpose

I felt there was no meaning...

Yes, I have been there…

Every day doing the same thinking, over and over again thinking “there must be more than this in life… then just doing things over and over again without a meaning nor purpose to me, is this what life is about?”

I felt so restless, confused and disillusioned, I felt as if there was something missing…

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my colleagues and also liked my job but… What meaning did it have to me?

What was I doing to make a difference?

Sometimes I was staring out the window wondering how life could have been if I had the courage to just go out there, be in control of it, and have that feeling of freedom to thrive.

What would it look like if I had the courage to follow my instinct and start doing what truly makes me happy?

It was clear to me that I didn’t want to be in that current situation and wanted a way out.

I decided to take the first step, I started attending some coaching sessions.

At that moment I started acquiring an entirely different level of awareness, emotions and feelings…

Those weekly sessions made me forget about everything else that was not working around me and I started to work on myself, follow my instinct, reflect and started to take control of my thoughts and actions.

Week after week I started to feel more aware, alive, stronger and confident and started thinking that I also wanted others to start to believe in themselves, dream again, feeling empowered and thrive.
I thought “I don’t want people to feel disillusioned, confused and restless like I did, I wanted them to believe again”.

I became so passionate about it and attended the Jay Shetty School.

I feel now honoured to be one of his certified life and success coaches and I can now start helping people worldwide to take the first steps towards the life they truly want.

If you want to make a change in your life, have more self-control and take the first step towards a new fulfilling existence click the button for a free discovery call.

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